Wickless "INTENTIONs"


Wickless Candles?
Yes you read that correctly!
No wick!
No flame!
No soot =SAFER!
Wax does NOT disappear.
Making a SAFER, longer lasting scent experience!
Safe for all the places a traditional candle is desired but NOT allowed!
Hand poured with pure INTENTIONs.

Each wickless candle has set "INTENTIONs"
Now you can set your own intentions & ask for whatever your heart desires that you would like to manifest & envision it, as it is already yours!

In this line there are
5 intention's (at this time)
Choose 1 or all 5 if you'd like:

*Love- Calming problems, instills peace & unconditional love.
*Happiness- Brings joy, good luck, good fortune & raises self confidence & esteem.
*Prosperity- Growth, abundance & success.
*Healing- Deep healing, positive energy & strength.
*Protection- Protects your energy, space & shields negativity & bad vibes.

**You will need to have a candle warmer**
Do not forget to add it to your cart before checking out!

-Crystal healing & energy work are NOT to be considered as a substitute for medical treatment or therapy.
-No 2 wickless candles will be exactly the same, they are hand poured in small batches. Every wickless Intention candle will have Gemstone herbs & some will even have a surprise on top.
-Before warming you should always remove your stones.
-Keep out of reach of children & pets & never leave unattended.
-The vessels will be hot when warmed, allow your wickless candle to cool completely down before removing it from the warmer.